Project Timeline: ~ 4 Months

WizKids has many competitive and collectable games. They needed a robust tool that was easy to use and mobile friendly. A place where stores could create accounts and post events. Where players could have a profile that tracks all their activity at their favorite store, find new stores, and find players near them. That is the WizKids Event System (WES).

I worked with many on developing this great tool. I worked as a user interface designer to create mock ups of how pages would look on a computer and mobile devices. Its quite a feat if you have never done it before. Always having to be conscious of how something will stack or look on a mobile device while designing. Maybe times you have a great idea, but I wont work at all when viewed on a mobile device.

I created all the custom assets such as achievement icons. I also designed and created the logo itself. It is a living thing now. Always improving its use and adding new features.

See it here