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richard dadisman

user interface designer - graphic artist

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I’m a UI designer, currently residing in Raleigh, NC, with over 7 years experience in the tech industry. I focus on two fundamental pillars of UI and design: aesthetics and usability. I have an eye for detail and a love for color. Finding simple, intuitive and elegant solutions to complicated problems is a particular strength of mine. I strive to create high quality designs and assets while ensuring deadlines are met. I have tremendous passion for what I do, and I am always striving to be better at what I love.

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my journey

  • Aug. 2014 - Present

    National Entertainment Collectibles Association

    UI/Graphic Artist

  • Sep. 2012 - Aug. 2014

    UI/Graphic Artist

  • Jul. 2011 - May. 2012

    Reloaded Games

    3d Artist

  • Nov. 2007 - Apr. 2010

    Icarus Studios

    3d Artist

some of my work

  • Game Trade Magazine
  • Commercial Doors and More
  • Global Verification Network
  • CentACS
  • Marvel Comics
  • Smart Hustle Magazine
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Dice Masters Site
  • WizKids Event System
  • Quarriors on iPad
  • Emergent Games
  • Qwirkle
  • TabApp Elite
  • Shuffling The Deck: Pacific Rim on iPad
  • Shuffling The Deck: Pirates of the Spanish Main on iPad

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