Project Timeline: 1 Month

Set sail for adventure and intrigue in Pirates of the Spanish Main™. Discover ancient treasures while trying to avoid the dangers of the sea in this fast, fun and family-friendly Shuffling the Deck™ mobile card game. Hide your true intentions and try to determine which ships your opponents control—if you guess correctly, you can plunder half their gold!

I worked on porting Shuffling The Deck: Pirates of the Spanish Main to the iPad as the user interface designer and artist.

This was my first experience with doing an interface. After playing the physical game it was clear that the setup is rather compact and lends itself to a digital port. I was in charge of concepting and mocking up an interface design. I designed all but the cards themselves. The background for the gameplay turned out to be something very nice even though you barely see it while playing. One challenging thing was displaying what the computer or another player was doing. We came up with a cursor that moved around to show you what was happening.

I worked on this project with a single programer. I worked with him to get the necessary info for what would work and what wouldn’t work. Exporting assets to his specifications. I was a very fun experience.

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