Project Timeline: 4 Days

Emergent Games is an up and coming board game company. They have a Kickstarter for their first board game Fireteam Zero. They contacted me about designing their company logo. I gladly accepted.

They already had some ideas about what they wanted when we first spoke. They wanted something flat and the words emergent games. They also wanted some sort of design with tentacles worked into the logo to play off of the word emergent. They originally were thinking about having the words and having some tentacles cut out as negative space. I had a feeling it was going to make it hard to read, but lets give it a go. Turns out it did, but the effect was kind of nice. I tried another stab at some negative space tentacles in just the word emergent. The second take was definitely better than the first, but still not sold.

We went back and forth throwing ideas around. Maybe it needed a backdrop of some sort? It was interesting, but nope. Lets ditch the negative space idea. How about some colored tentacles coming from the bottom color frame of games? There we go. It’s a little much though. So I toned it back to just one tentacle taking over the T at the end of emergent. They loved it. It turned out bold, clean and simple with a dash of character.