Project Timeline: ~ 1 Month

Under the shadow of the Kaiju attacks, the Jaegers and their pilots are a source of inspiration for the people and a symbol of hope. Secretly take control of Jaeger pilots and lead them to gain fame in the eyes of the people as you defend the cities of the world from the destruction caused by the Kaiju. But even in the heat of battle, there is always room for some friendly competition.

In the Pacific Rim edition of the Shuffling the Deck card game, each player secretly controls characters from the movie that are piloting Jaegers. Each turn, a Kaiju attack card will be executed—awarding fame as the Jaeger repel the attack, causing the Jaeger to take damage or causing the Jaegers to lose fame if the Kaiju manage to bat them back. The players use movement cards to get their pilots into the best position for the current Kaiju attack. The players who gain the most fame will win the game when all of the Kaiju attack cards run out. Players can guess other player’s secret characters, which will award them half of the fame that pilot has gained throughout the game. The player with the most fame wins!

I worked on porting Shuffling the Deck: Pacific Rim to the iPad as the user interface designer and artist.

After doing the UI for Shuffling The Deck: Pirates of the Spanish Main, I was rather familiar with the games mechanics. There was a short deadline on this project, so I kept the general layout and interaction the same as pirates. I expanded on the art some adding the more distressed industrial panels to fit with the theme.

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